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What is Hall of Malls (HM) Shopping/Loyalty Card?

HM Shopping/Loyalty Card is a unique shopping Card that allows you shop with Hall of Malls and instantly earn Points as you shop. With our HH Shopping/Loyalty Card, shoppers earn points on all of our listed retail stores in UK/US/China and use the accumulated points irrespective of the store or country, to shop more items or pay for Hall of Mall services. It is a multipurpose Card (Prepaid and Loyalty Card). As a Prepaid card, it carries cash; this implies that just like GSM airtime top up, it can be topped up with cash. It has same features like the basic Bank Debit Card.

HM Shopping/Loyalty Card also serves as HH Gift Card. It is a perfect gift to loved ones on their special occasion. Are you worried and looking for the right gift(s) to give to a loved one on that special occasion? Worry and search no more, HH Gift Card is the perfect gift. Simply buy the Card and we deliver it to your loved one to shop with and buy the right item of his/her choice or simply withdraw cash from any ATM depending on your specific instruction. (Terms and Condition apply).