Shop 4 Me

Shop 4 me: With this service, we shop on your behalf and buy the items that you desire but couldn’t access or buy due to merchant’s restrictive policies — some merchants/stores in the UK, US and China have trade restrictions whereby willing shoppers are denied access to their website, some do not accept some methods of payment (including PayPal registered within some localities), some do not ship to some specified countries– which are unfriendly to some countries; Nigeria included. Feel free to admire your desires; we’ve got your back. We’ll get it for you and ship it to your doorstep. We’ve assigned a means whereby your shipped items are delivered to a foreign (UK, US and Asia) address, warehoused for free(up to 30 days), consolidated for cheaper freight and shipped to your desired location without a scratch; all at a considerable cost. Our desire is to help you overcome restrictions that strain your shopping experience in your favorite stores in the UK, US and China.

Our personnel are highly trained, adequately qualified, courteous and customer-friendly.