Hall of mall is your sure-fire online hall where you can encounter the experience of buying from multiple international malls, shop abroad with excitement and expressly receive your items locally without hitches or glitches. Shopping abroad couldn’t have been this simple; it’s simply a wow experience!

After much circumspection and adequate arrangement, we have finally assembled your favorite stores in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia within your reach, wherever you may be. This is to ensure that all you need is a few clicks to get your desired items at the doorsteps of your home, office or any other specified location. With our easily accessible E-commerce platform, geographical and time boundaries have been nullified. Yours are the eyes with which your desired items are seen, ours are the legs which take you to the place of your desires, and the hands which deliver the items to your doorsteps without as much as a scratch.

What we do

We simplify your shopping experience by presenting you a platform where you could access your favourite stores (see list of stores) in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia on our website ‘www.hallofmalls.com without stress. We do not only make your shopping experience blissful. We make it fruitful and rewarding. Shop with Hall of Malls and earn Points as you shop. Points earned and accumulated irrespective of stores and country can be used to buy products on our Platform or pay for Hall of Malls’ services. (Terms and Conditions apply) across your favorite stores irrespective of stores and country.

Upon Signing up with Hall of Malls, an Account is created for you that keep detailed records of your transactions with Hall of Malls including Web Account (that keeps your cash records) and loyalty points earned from shopping on the Platform. With this, you are promptly made aware of the promos and discount offers in your favorite stores -which are often time-bound- to the end that you do not miss out on them; even when financially handicapped.  ‘Sign up’


Hall of Malls (HM) has three classes of membership which are all free (Terms and Conditions apply). Upon signing up with us, you are instantly inducted into the HM Silver Club; this qualifies you for a free United Kingdom/United States/China shipping address with a 30-day free storage benefit. Keep your HM Silver Status alive by shopping through our platform, accumulating Loyalty Points and upgrade to the HM Gold Club (see target); this qualifies you for a free 45-day storage benefit, free consolidation, free Shopping/Loyalty Card, flexible payment terms and five percent(5%) discount on all service charges (Shop 4  Me & Shipping charges). The third and the highest level of membership on our platform is the HM Platinum Club (see target). Are you an addicted shopper? Then you could easily be on your way to this exalted club. It is as simple as shopping and shipping as much as you can; the more you shop, the more you increase your Loyalty points; the more your Loyalty points increase, the more your chances of becoming a HM Platinum Club member. Buying the HH Prepaid Gift Card automatically qualifies you as a Member. Membership of this prestigious club qualifies you for the following privileges:

* A 60-day free storage benefit.

* Free consolidation of your purchased items in your assigned UK/US/China address with us.

* Free customized Shopping/Loyalty card.

* Highly friendly and flexible payment term

* Ten percent (10%) discount on all service charges (Shop 4 Me & Shipping charges)

* Other personalized benefits.